Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Armadylan, PJ Robot, and An Yu. Looney Tunes • The fourth season majorly focuses on the upgrades of the PJ Masks' existing vehicles, as well as the transformation of the three original villains' outfits.. News articles mentioning a PJ Masks traveling exhibit by eOne for Sea Life aquariums (most of which are now closed due to the pandemic) mention that the season will also feature new underwater missions. Thomas the Tank Engine • By day, Connor and Amaya were at the Cafe, then Greg showed up, telling Connor and Amaya about the car Cameron let him borrow for the day. By night, it was Romeo who stole it and made it fly. The PJ Masks is an animated children's television series.It began on the Disney Junior on September 18, 2015, on France 5 on 18 December 2015 and on the Disney Junior in Canada on February 7, 2016. Romeo ends up getting the boys' powers too, and that's when Owlette realizes it's time to share her powers with her friends for the good. Armadylan loses the PJs' PJ Air Jet to Night Ninja. Characters: Romeo, Robot (6 Robot clones), Catboy (3 Catboy clones), Gekko, and Owlette. Characters: Romeo, Robot, Owlette, PJ Robot, Catboy, and Gekko. Night Ninja heads to Mystery Mountain to unleash the mountain's magic, and the heroes team up with Dragon Girl to stop him. They end up trapping themselves. The PJ Masks tries to get the lizard cake back, but the only thing that gets in the way of completing their mission was Catboy's love for the cake and decorations that are based on Master Fang, and his persuasion of Gekko to use them at the party instead. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to admit that he's clumsy but he won't. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, and Romeo. Characters: Catboy, PJ Robot, Gekko, Owlette, Armadylan, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. By night, Luna Girl uses her Luna-Magnet to summon clouds. PJ Masks (PJ Masks: Héroes en pijamas en Latinoamérica) es un serie de televisión de dibujos animados británico-francesa producido por Entertainment One, Frog Box, TeamTO y Hasbro.Se estrenó en Disney Channel en Estados Unidos el 18 de septiembre de 2015.En España, la serie se estrenó el 11 de enero de 2016 en Disney Junior [2] y el 18 de abril en Disney Channel. The ZhuZhus, Disney Junior Wiki But instead of following the plans, the other Catboys have fun, and build a fort to stop Romeo. She can also be a bit selfish at times. He starts to come up with a plan with his own friends, involving the three other clones of him. Luna Girl then breaks into Amaya's house and steals the "moon statue", as the Giving Owl is a statue of a blue owl perched atop a white orb that resembles a moon. It is against the law and against FANDOM's Terms of Use for users under this age to create or use Fandom accounts. "Zoo Day" is today! Unfortunately, the PJ masks are having difficulties with their mission because they keep on resisting Luna Girl's help even when she implores them to give the Luna Crystal they keep on their PJ vault to her to restore the moon. Robette kept saying "take over the World!" The PJ Masks were startled when they find Romeo in HQ. Like her fellow teammates, childlik… But the PJ Masks won't give up. PJ Robot and Romeo must compete when the Flying Factory is damaged. Click here to join! Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, the luna-moths, PJ Robot, Luna Girl, and Motsuki. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Robot, and Romeo. By night, the gang was video chatting when they find out someone broke into HQ. Regrettably, the PJ masks are having an obstinate time trying to stop all 3 destroying balls and undervalued Romeo until they created a plan on knocking him at his own game. It takes about moiety a dozen courses for Catboy to belatedly agree to come up with a plan. PAW Patrol • Catboy then sees Romeo drive his Cat Car, but he decides to stop Romeo on his own. Gekko always goes out of HQ to warn Catboy and Owlette about Luna Girl ignoring his super sneezes, but Catboy and Owlette are telling him to stay inside. Connor decides to do a forwards roll, but that makes Amaya mad because she says it's "her thing". After skeletons are withdrawn from the museum, the PJ Masks think the Wolfies are the criminals! Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Armadylan, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. (Trust your instincts.). Gekko uses the small-sizer to shrink the mess, but he uses a super-size option on himself. Kevin doesn't think he'll ever be top dog; he's not wolfy enough to find the legendary bone. The series premiered on September 18, 2015 on Disney Junior, with "Blame it on the Train, Owlette" and "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis". When the Wolfies steal a dog, the PJ Masks must try to get it back. Serial tersebut debut di Disney Junior di Amerika Serikat pada 18 September 2015. When all the other kids' stuff for show and tell is stolen, the PJ Masks discover that Luna Girl stole the stuff for her new Luna Lair. The former page's history now serves to provide attribution for that content in the latter page, and it must not be deleted so long as the latter page exists. The team tries to get it back, but a stubborn Gekko insists on completing the mission by himself, only making Catboy and Owlette annoyed with him. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, Luna Girl, and the luna-moths. But no matter how many times Gekko and Owlette try to tell Catboy to stop getting angry, he just wouldn't listen. Greg notices that Connor's new scooter looks familiar. Along with his coat, he wears teal gloves, gray boots, gray pants, and black goggles with a short and thin antenna standing outside from the edge of the left lens frame. Connor wants to see the lions and tigers, but Greg and Amaya want to see the butterfly gardens instead. Still, when adventure beckons, “The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!” With these skills Catboy can outrun anyone and gives Night Ninja a challenge with his amazing leaps and acrobatic moves! To which Gekko happily agrees. At night, the PJ masks become curious about the cat-ability until Luna Girl shows up with her moon energy ball. Greg then does a "victory dance" because he doesn't have to speak tomorrow's poem out loud. Luna Girl captured Catboy and Owlette while they were talking to Gekko who stayed behind in the HQ rocket with PJ robot. Hero revelation: PJ Robot's a good friend. Lionel wants to play with Munki-gu instead of Gekko. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were playing frisbee, but Connor's frisbee went into his garden. Amaya notices a crack in the wall, stating that they've been fixing up the museum for months. PJ Masks: The Movie is an upcoming animated film that will release November 6,2020. Henry Hugglemonster • But by night, Romeo plans to steal all of the PJ Masks' voices so he can blame them for his crimes. Owlette and Gekko are amazed, but then Romeo says he's gonna crush all of the PJ Masks' Super-Vehicles! He is the oldest and the leader of the PJ Masks. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, and Romeo. On the 2nd night, the PJ masks re-entered the Museum and they saw Luna Girl and Night Ninja stuck on the glass windows and explains that their sidekicks turned against them and the sidekicks teamed up as Ninja Moths. By night, the PJ Masks noticed that Luna Girl took the whistle for her two moth teams to get every toy in the toy shop. His friends tell him that's it's not important like the mission is, and he sacrifices his rock to stop Luna Girl. Romeo creates a little robot that he controls with remote control. And then they realize that PJ robot gave up most of his energy to let them in. However, while they're away, the ninjalinos kidnapped PJ Robot and take him back to Mystery Mountain with the PJ Masks in pursuance. Vampirina. As Greg, he can sometimes be competitive when it comes to playing games, but he isn't very good at rhyming (as evidenced in "Speak UP, Gekko!" By night, Catboy goes out to search for his friends, and thinks that they are being controlled by Romeo. In the night, they find out Night Ninja took the trophy. Si basa sulla serie di libri Les Pyjamasques di Romuald Racioppo. Luna Girl works with the Wolfies to distract the PJ Masks while she steals the museum. Luna Girl appears with the speakers and streamers for the party. His friends are frightened at what he became, but he wants to use his size to stop a villain. At day time, the kids were playing until they notice some new purple balls, however when Cameron and the other kids touched them, they act strange and kept on saying "Moon". By night, the PJ Masks find out that Robot took all the equipment because Romeo made a new robot called "Robette". Catboy realizes that a true Cat Explorer puts his team before the discovery. After getting separated, Gekko must learn to face his mistakes to defeat Night Ninja and save the museum from getting sticky splatted. Characters: Night Ninja, the Ninjalinos, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, and PJ Robot. Die Serie wurde erst auf Disney Junior in den Vereinigten Staaten am 18. Miles From Tomorrowland • During the day, the PJ Masks and their class go to the museum and learn about the harvest moon and figure that since Luna girl likes the moon she is going to plan something bad. Characters: Howler, Rip, Kevin, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, and Luna Girl. Gekko's first trick is for Romeo to buy some ice cream, but then Gekko steps on another booby-trapped tile that spits out a gigantic boulder. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Night Ninja has challenged them to a game of Capture The Flag. Then, Romeo zaps Owlette because he wants Owlette to steal more remote controls. True and the Rainbow Kingdom • Gekko states that looking after a pet can be a lot of work, but Owlette said that taking care of a pet is easy. The moths infiltrate HQ, and Gekko won't admit that he let them in until it is too late. The Ninjalinos were tired of Night Ninja for always being mean to them and Owlette said that he was not a very good leader and she described what type of leader she would be like. They have to face their biggest challenge yet, when a new villain comes to town, Malice (A.K.A Dark Shadow). DC Animated Universe • Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, PJ Robot, Night Ninja, and the Ninjalinos. And manage to get the Luna Wand away from Luna and get the harvest moon crystal out of the Luna Wand and turn it back into a Luna magnet. At day time, everyone is preparing for the carnival parade until they're shocked that the Candy Train has disappeared. The PJ masks test out their new powers at night until they come face to face with Romeo who's been using his spy bot to spy on them earlier at day time and also at night time while they were discussing. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were finished building their new remote control helicopter. They get pretty nasty towards PJ robot once they get to HQ but then they apologize to him shortly after. Gekko is scared and tries to say that Luna Girl is bluffing, but Catboy and Owlette aren't willing to take a chance and decide to go to the moon in their HQ Rocket. They noticed that all the lights and decorations on the Christmas Tree were gone on Christmas Eve morning. Pyjamasques are a franchise of characters that was initially created for French picture books, and gained worldwide popularity on television in 2015. In the evening, Luna Girl was the one who created the Moonfizzle Balls and plans to take over the earth together with the Moon-fizzled people. Connor says that he and Amaya are going to HQ, to see if any villains are planning something. By night, they find that Luna Girl stole the rocks for her Luna magnet to pick up bigger things, like vehicles. The Rocketeer • Meanwhile, it has just dawned on Luna that Gekko isn't there and she decides to search for him. When they arrived at the moon, Romeo and Robot were there finding another lunar crystal unaware that Robot's digging only cracks the moon even more. By day, Greg is telling a poem to his class, but he was so shy that he choke up the words. While trying to stop Luna Girl from taking the telescope, Owlette accidentally breaks the lens of the telescope and she becomes scared to tell Catboy and Gekko and tries to blame Luna Girl. Characters: The luna-moths, Luna Girl, Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, and PJ Robot. Catboy keeps messing up because he kept going to fast in each competition. He finds a new scooter inside the box that was "sent" by his Great Aunt, Cynthia. Synopsis:"Book 29"To be announced. They get Gekko and the little robot, who Gekko has dubbed PJ robot and the remote that they took from Romeo. The PJ masks try to stop the scoundrels but Catboy keeps on showing off which makes the mission harder. Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, Romeo, and Robot, Vehicles: Owl-Glider (mentioned) and Cat-Car. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, PJ Robot, Armadylan, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya get ready to go to the playground for Sports Day. When Catboy and Owlette get zapped, they behave like infants and Gekko is holding a hard time with the tiny two-some. When Amaya steps out of her house, she notices icicles on her roof. Catboy enlists Munki-gu to go aboard the Flying Factory to distract Romeo. An Yu tries to train Teeny Weeny to be the Mystery Mountain Guardian assistant. They are convinced Luna Girl is the culprit but little did they know that Romeo did it, so he can increase the crystal's powers. At night, they were shocked that the moon is cracking and the PJ Masks prepare to go to the moon until Luna Girl shows up and says she can help them since the moon is her home although the PJ Masks doubt her at 1st, they let her join in. In the daytime, Greg has a messy room. Romeo grabs the PJ robot. Catboy now understands that being controlled is a bad thing. Owlette asked if this bird can be her pet, and names her "Birdie". Season 2 is the second season of PJ Masks. Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, Romeo, and Robot. Meet Romeo, the main villain with a big brain and a bigger desire to take over the world! (Read more...), Season 4, episode 16 "Octobella's Garden"/"Sploshy Splash" will premiere on Then they take the harvest moon crystal back to earth, (where Gekko is ecstatic to be,) and put it in the PJ Vault. Gekko reluctantly agrees to go. But then Gekko has a plan: he calls for Luna Girl to stop Romeo from shooting the moon. When Greg started to hit HQ, it started to float. Characters: Catboy, PJ Robot, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Robot, and Robette. Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, the Ninjalinos, and Night Ninja, Vehicles: Cat-Car, Gekko-Mobile, and Owl-Glider. Characters: Night Ninja, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, the luna-moths, Romeo, and Robot. But Greg wants to go with them instead of cleaning his room. As soon as Owlette and Gekko find Catboy, Romeo decides to drive the Gekko-Mobile. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse • The Backyardigans • Characters: Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, PJ Robot, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. Amaya heard about the rock in her Kung Fu book that whoever breaks the rock will be awarded with a medal. At night, Night Ninja had stolen the sports equipment to make his Ninjalinos super active. Catboy wants to be able to teleport to the moon like Motsuki. PJ Masks • Characters: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, PJ Robot, Armadylan, Night Ninja, the Ninjalinos, and An Yu. Characters: PJ Robot, Gekko, Owlette, Catboy, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. But when they arrive, all of the party supplies including the lizard cake was stolen. Characters: Catboy (Night Panther), Owlette (Dark Owl), Gekko, PJ Robot, Robot, and Romeo (Captain Smartypants). This is usually remedied by Connor and Amaya's encouragement. This wiki, founded on September 19, 2015, features all kinds of information about the Pyjamasques characters, books, a television series, locations and more! Episode 501: Whistle Blast Episode 502: Giant Ladybug Alert Episode 503: Cardboard Trouble Episode 504: The Incredible Shrinking PJ Masks Episode 505: City Zoo Catastrophe Episode 506: Earthworm Trouble Episode 507: Goodbye, Squeakers Episode 508: New PJ Mask in Town Episode 509: A Little Future PJ Mask Episode 510:The Sinking Feeling Episode 511: Giant Baby Rampage Episode 512: How … The PJ Masks are ready for their plan to work. PJ Masks is an animated children's television series produced by … Romeo's newest device turns Owlette and Catboy into villains. Characters: Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, PJ Robot, the Ninjalinos, An Yu, and Night Ninja. At night, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos were trying to find the ninja wealth and Owlette, even though Catboy and Gekko told her not to play Night Ninja's game, goes to find the 3 items(a Lotus blossom, an ancient monkey figure, and a dragon egg) unaware that those were the things Night Ninja needed to improve their sticky splat. Jojo's Circus • Mickey and Friends • By day, Greg was having trouble building his Solar System model for his class. T.O.T.S. Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, Luna Girl, and the luna-moths. PJ Robot tries to turn Romeo's flying factory into a flying party. Nick Jr. • By night, Luna Girl was stealing the presents, so that there would be no Christmas. The PJ Masks find out that Romeo took over the world by using three machines instead of just one: his Robot, his Lab-oggan (from "Gekko's Nice Ice Plan"), and his Track-A-Whacker (the stolen train from "Blame It on the Train, Owlette"). What she really wants is the trophy for herself. Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette each appeared in all 48 episodes. This wiki which was founded on June 4, 2016, features all kinds of fan-made characters, stories, locations and many more! The series also gives people the feeling of being able to overcome their fear of nocturnal anxieties and teaches morals on how to be a better person! Romeo uses a machine to deceive himself as Owlette and unblushingly tries to fool the rest of the heroes with his disguise, fuming the other brutes along the way. Characters: The luna-moths, Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, PJ Robot, Motsuki, Luna Girl, Octobella, and Percival. The ninjalinos and Night Ninja each appeared in 16 episodes. Then Greg notices the pterodactyl figure was missing. Characters: Newton Star, Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Robot, and PJ Robot. PJ Robot has appeared in 25 episodes so far. When Romeo finds out about the Stinky Cheese, he stinks up the PJ Masks with "super super stink". When Luna gets back to earth she resolves to get the harvest moon crystal back, paving the way for a Moonstruck part 3. Night Ninja made Armadylan believe the PJ Masks stole all the new Flossy Flash comics to distract their attention from him stealing the city’s food supplies. Characters: Gekko, Catboy (Kitty Catboy), Owlette, PJ Robot, Romeo, and Robot. Connor tries to score, but the other team blocked the ball to Amaya. Amaya gets the soccer ball back when Luna Girl's "Moon-Ball" sucked up the soccer ball. Her Luna Magnet can become extra powerful when Luna Girl inserts a moon crystal into it, and it turns into a "Luna Wand". Despite this, she is very sweet and cares for Connor and Greg and their safety. His vehicular method of travel is the Gekko-mobile. Characters: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, the ninjalinos, Night Ninja, and PJ Robot. Mia and Me • He is one of the three heroes of the TV show, PJ Masks. The PJ Masks meet and befriend the little robot but then they find out that Romeo wants them to take him to their HQ so he can destroy it. The subsequent day, the kids are shocked to see sticky splats all over the school and the school's jack is ripped. The kids noticed that everything was turning the opposite route (excluding the PJ Masks). Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to give them the spare ticket, but it keeps making the mission harder. Robo-Gekko manages to steal the Cat Car away from Catboy. Owlette in her Monster Form. Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja join forces to defeat the PJ Masks forever. Shimmer and Shine • By night, the PJ Masks see Luna Girl with a giant Moonflower, or moon weed. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Please look at our guidelines before editing or commenting. By nightfall, Romeo has replaced every book's pages and covers with pictures of himself, thanks to his new slave: Robot. We also endorse a PJ Masks Fanon Wiki, so you may also go over there to discuss such topics. Gekko was so tempted to break the rock to get the medal since he has the power of strength instead of protecting his friends and their HQ. But none of them are needed by The PJ Masks. He explains that his hero is the greatest kung fu master. But Gekko keeps getting distracted, causing him to be hit by the slow motion ray. Luna grabs the crystal and the crystal turns her Luna Magnet into a Luna Wand and she creates a Luna Fortress and when Catboy and Owlette come in she traps them in Luna crystals. By night, it was Romeo that was making everyone in the city clumsy with a ray. (1/2), Check out one of the newest episodes! Catboy and Owlette try to get Gekko to get the voice box, but he was so nervous about doing another poem tomorrow, that he was hesitant on getting his voice back. PJ Robot wants to be Newton's space buddy, but first he needs to power up! Catboy, Owlette & Gekko Inflated. Now, the real Catboy knows that using his own ideas was getting into more trouble. At day time, the kids were exercising their scooter moves until they noticed everyone even the teacher behaving like babies. They notice that Connor wasn't that only one that's clumsy. By the second night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo was using his Multiplier again (which meant Romeo had multiplied his multiplier). As Gekko, he pretends to be Kick … Night Ninja teams up with the PJ Masks when the Wolfies try to take over Mystery Mountain. The Wolfies turn their Wolf Wheelz into Prank Wheelz. At night, Romeo and Robot were stealing all the cuddly dolls and plan to transform them into cuddly Romeo dolls. After stealing Owlette's gadgets, the Wolfies go on a rampage. When Cameron sadly walks out of the classroom, Amaya gets angry at Connor for not letting Cameron help. Catboy is tempted to cheat when he must race to win back his stolen Cat-Car. The PJ Masks were surprised when they saw Cameron sleepwalking! Characters: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, Romeo, Robot, Newton Star, PJ Robot, and Robette. Gekko is on the case when animals keep disappearing from the city. This wiki is a fan-oriented website for archival and educational purposes only. The fifth season will premiere in Spring 2021. When Catboy and Gekko borrows that plane from the museum, Owlette struggles to share a plan with Catboy and Gekko because she thought Night Ninja would beat them again, but her friends finally encourage her with support and they get the planes from Night Ninja. By night, Romeo is trying to knock down the wall to get the jetpack to stink up the chimneys with his most current invention: the Sniff-O-Whiff. While Catboy is too busy trying to impress An Yu, Night Ninja enters the pagoda. You are on the home page of the PJ Masks Wiki, a wiki for everything related to the Pyjamasques, which started on March 29, 2007!. After all the nights Greg, Connor, and Amaya saved as the PJ Masks, big problems start happening in the city. She has other ideas. But he's also afraid of water! By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are preparing for a school concert, but Connor says he has stage fright. Incredibly fast, amazingly agile, he can hear the quietest sounds across unbelievable distances! Catboy asks Luna Girl for the Hot Air Balloon back, but then Luna Girl controls Catboy's scooter with her Luna Magnet. The Fairly OddParents • By day, the gang visits the museum to see the dinosaur exhibits. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, PJ Robot, Kevin, Rip, and Howler. Imagination Movers • By day, Greg and Amaya wants to see Jayden Houston perform, but the concert was sold out. Owlette says he's making them miserable, but then Gekko finds out that Luna Girl is using the stripped butterflies as her new "sidekicks" to substitute her moths. Characters: Luna Girl, Motsuki, Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot. Text and/or other creative content from this version of PJ Masks was copied or moved into List of PJ Masks episodes on 18 April 2018. When Night Ninja steals the pirate equipment from Pirate Day at school, Catboy jeopardizes the PJ Masks' rescue mission. Greg is the scorekeeper, and Cameron is the referee. Vehicles: Gekko-Mobile (mentioned) and Owl-Glider, Gekko's Hero revelation: When I have a good idea, I need to stick up for it. Luna Girl and Motsuki have appeared in 9 episodes each so far. Romeo fishes a special crystal from out of the moat and becomes Master of the Sky. By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were at the park, but Greg says he's not good at Capture The Flag. Characters: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Robot, the ninjalinos, and Night Ninja. While Gekko and Armadylan guard the city, their watch turns into a contest of strength. By the time they went out of the library, they saw lamposts being bent. When Robot realizes that Romeo's plan has gone too far, he turned on his master and tries to crush his machine and protect kitty Catboy from turning back to standard only for him and Romeo to be thwarted thanks to Gekko, Owlette and kitty Catboy. Gekko lets the super-size machine go to his head, and accidentally hits a moth with it. Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, PJ Robot, the Ninjalinos, Night Ninja, and An Yu (Dragon Girl). Armadylan and An-Yu each appeared in 10 episodes. By night, the trio lands in Gekko's room, which is also messy. But Catboy accidentally messes up each plan because Owlette reminds him of their concert, forgetting of his nervousness. At night, the PJ masks were following a trail of splats and they spotted Romeo and Robot, who are unhappy because they lost their bounce-a-lot machine. On the 1st night after Night Ninja's downfall, Owlette says there's gonna be an eclipse tomorrow which worries Luna Girl because she believes the moon will disappear. Catboy has to learn it’s not all about him while trying to stop the new villains in town, the Wolfies. Gekko has a teleporting crystal power that can go anywhere and it turns out its powers are too strong. Then, the teacher announces that the gym mats were missing, which is strange to him. Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, PJ Robot, and Luna Girl, Vehicles: Cat-Car (for a short time), HQ Rocketship, and PJ Rovers. By night, the PJ Masks soon find out that Night Ninja is taking over the parade, and he's renaming it, the Night Ninja Parade Spectacular. By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya start to get the first issue of the Flossy Flash comic. The kids were watching the moon on the polemoscope until they noticed a strange meteor heading towards the moon which makes the kids suspicious. First night: A PJ Masks origin story. Courtesy of Romeo’s invisibility ray, Owlette becomes invisible. (Tiny Ones Transport Service) • Characters: Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, PJ Robot, Romeo, Robot, and Robette.

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